Improved Estimation of Air-to-Air Missile Aerodynamic Characteristics with Using CFD Method


  • Jozef Polacek University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic
  • David Vasek University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Pavel Konecny University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic



aerodynamic characteristics, CFD simulation, guided missile, k-ω turbulence model, trimmer mesh


The paper describes a solving procedure of the special Finite Volume Method (FVM) problem dealing with calculation of a flow field around air-to-air missile at subsonic, transonic and supersonic velocity range in order to obtain a coefficient of drag (cD). Some emphasis is put on numerical solution and fundamentals of FVM and use of a k-ω turbulence model for simulation of subsonic and supersonic flow fieldsaround air-to-air missile AIM-9 Sidewinder version M. Obtained results of missile aerodynamics characteristics are verified using semi-empirical software and by analysis of flow fields.

Author Biography

  • Jozef Polacek, University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic

    Department of Air Force


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Improved Estimation of Air-to-Air Missile Aerodynamic Characteristics with Using CFD Method. (2020). Advances in Military Technology, 15(2), 301-315.

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