Modelling and Simulation of Surface to Surface Missile General Platform


  • Mohamed Karam Elbaioumy Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Mohamed Misbah Elkhatib Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt
  • Abd Elrehem Khalifa Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt



missile modelling, surface‐to‐surface missile, 6 degrees of freedom, equation of motion, non‐linear state space model


In this paper, a general platform of a surface‐to‐surface missile model is presented. An accurate missile system model was made with consideration of the rigid body dynamics in space with six degrees of freedom and equation of motion starting from Newton second law to the non‐linear state space model of the missile. Computer simulations have been executed using the MATLAB / Simulink software. Verification of the system model has been made.

Author Biography

  • Mohamed Misbah Elkhatib, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt

    Assoc. Prof. in Electronic Engineering Department, MTC, Cairo, Egypt


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Modelling and Simulation of Surface to Surface Missile General Platform. (2018). Advances in Military Technology, 13(2), 227-290.

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