History of the Journal

The history of the journal of Advances in Military Technology goes back to 1964 when "Proceedings of the Military Academy in Brno, series B, technical and natural sciences" started to be published. After that, it was continuously published up to 2005. At the beginning, its purpose was predominantly to publish research results of university students, as well as teachers and researchers in the area of natural sciences and military applications. In the course of time, the group of authors and readers was expanding and thus the Proceedings have become a recognized basis for exchanging the state-of-art information from the field of research and development. The target group of readers and authors was broadened including not only the experts from the university and armed forces, but also those from defence industry and research institutions. During the whole period of the existence of the proceedings, all papers had to go through a rigorous review procedure, so the quality of published articles was guaranteed. The proceedings were regularly sent to all influential institutions dealing with research and development of military equipment in former Czechoslovakia, as well as in other countries of Eastern Block. In this period of time, the papers were published exclusively in Czech and Slovak languages with abstracts in Russian.

The proceedings changed significantly after 1989 when the new political situation enabled making contacts with developed western countries and the proceedings started to be distributed to selected institutions of these countries, too. The proceedings at this time were published not only in Czech and Slovak, but also some papers in English started to emerge. As a result, not only the number of the authors and readers increased again, but also the participation of foreign authors and papers in English went up. That is why the crucial decision was made to re-name the proceedings so that the title could better characterize its orientation. It was also decided to publish the journal in English only. Thus, the proceedings were replaced by the journal of Advances in Military Technology at the beginning of 2006.

Historical survey:

1964 - 1989 Proceedings of the Military Academy of Antonín Zápotocký, series B, technical and natural sciences
(ISSN 0139-7125)

1990 - 2004 Proceedings of the Military Academy in Brno, series B, technical and natural sciences
(ISSN 1211-1023)

2004 - 2005 Proceedings of the University of Defence, series B, technical and natural sciences
(ISSN 1801-3856)

2006 - 2020 Advances in Military Technology
(ISSN 1802-2308)