About the Journal

The journal of Advances in Military Technology provides a forum for presenting the contributions of a large community of research workers and experts from universities, defence industry, as well as from military and security institutions working in branches of military, defence and security equipment and technologies.

By presenting the latest pieces of knowledge and results of research and development in the military, defence and security, this journal reflects the progress in research and development in this area and it supports bringing the newest knowledge into defence industry and military practice.

In the area of military, defence and security technologies and military and security equipment, the journal is aimed especially at:

  • Investigation of new materials and technologies to be used in military, defence and security equipment;
  • Research, development, reliability, effectiveness, control and exploitation of modern weapon systems; protective, security and service systems, means and tools;
  • Building-up the control and command systems of land and air forces;
  • Research and implementation of the advanced information, communication, simulation and control technologies in the military;
  • Other topics contributing to the development of military, defence and security theory and practice.

The journal may present only original contributions, i.e. the ones that have not been published elsewhere, nor are currently under consideration in any other refereed journal. All contributions are refereed in "peer review" process by experts appointed by editorial board of AiMT journal.

Contributions are published exclusively in English language.

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