Robust Autopilot Design and Hardware-In-the-Loop for Air to Air Guided Missile


  • Amr Mohamed University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada
  • G. A. El-Sheikh Science Valley Academy, Cairo, Egypt
  • Ahmed Nasr Ouda Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt
  • A. M. Youssef Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt



homing guidance systems, modelling and simulation, autopilot design, robust control, HIL simulation


This paper proposed a robust autopilot design for air to air guided missile and a Hardware‐in‐the‐Loop (HIL) simulation which is based on the derived missile‐control transfer functions and the 6DOF simulation model. The introduced autopilot is implemented within the 6DOF simulation to check its robustness against non‐modeled dynamics and nonlinearities. The nonlinear 6DOF equations of motions are solved together to obtain the pitch and yaw transfer functions. The missile equations are described in the form of modules programmed within the C++ environments to form the baseline for subsequent design and analysis. Furthermore, a comparison between both our previous work, i.e. classical and robust autopilot, are justified via HIL simulation. The simulation results demonstrated the robustness capability in presence disturbance and noise.

Author Biography

  • Amr Mohamed, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada

    Amr Mohamed, is a PhD graduate student in the Electrical Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Ontario Institute Of Technology. Amr obtained her bachelor degree from Military Technical College, Egypt. He received his Master’s degree in control systems from the Military Technical College, Egypt. His master thesis versed on design robust controller for guided Missiles.


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Robust Autopilot Design and Hardware-In-the-Loop for Air to Air Guided Missile. (2017). Advances in Military Technology, 12(2), 281-300.

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