Optimization of the Low-Speed Network Performance for Voice Services


  • Antonín Mazálek Department of Communication and Information Systems, University of Defence, Czech Republic
  • Robert Bešťák Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Zuzana Vránová Department of Communication and Information Systems, University of Defence, Czech Republic
  • Václav Plátěnka Department of Communication and Information Systems, University of Defence, Czech Republic




packet loss, performance, voice payload size, VoIP


The weak point of the field network is represented by E1 low-speed relay links. The situation requires savings of the bandwidth. For this purpose there is analyzed the necessary bandwidth for voice transmission up to the level of the physical layer. As a suitable solution of network throughput increase, we propose the change of a Voice Payload Size. After finding the optimal Voice Payload Size, tests are carried out to verify the impact of the Voice Payload Size on call quality. A packet loss rate is chosen as a parameter for modelling real traffic. To obtain the expected voice quality, the E-model according to the G.107 Recommendation is applied. The theoretical results are compared with practical measurements, when using the proprietary Cisco Packet Loss Concealment algorithm to evaluate the voice quality. The results obtained show the suitability of the solution.


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