Application for Communication Algorithm Design via CAN with CANaerospace Protocol


  • Premysl Janu Department of Radar Technology, University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic


Bus utilization, CAN, CANaerospace, Communication analysis, Cycle matrix, MATLAB


The paper deals with an introduction of the most commonly used data buses at aircraft on-board electronic systems with a focus on economically accessible buses. There is explained a reason of these buses usage. The main representative is selected here and that is Controller Area Network (CAN). CAN has its modification for avionic systems CANaerospace. For avionic systems, it is necessary to access to the bus at precisely defined time intervals according to certain schedule, which is called Cycle Matrix. It is necessary to devise the algorithm for given avionic system. Thus the core of the paper is mathematical analysis and detailed description of user application for Cycle Matrix design in the development environment MATLAB. The application is intended for users, which are knowledgeable in the problem of the bus CAN and it will allow communication algorithm design of any avionic system.

Author Biography

  • Premysl Janu, Department of Radar Technology, University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic

    Department of Radar Technology, Faculty of Military Technology, Captain.


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JANU, P. A System ofData Acquisition and Processing from AircraftOnboard Systems. Brno, 2011. Dissertation. University of Defence. Supervisor prof. Ing. Rudolf Jalovecky, CSc.






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Application for Communication Algorithm Design via CAN with CANaerospace Protocol. (2016). Advances in Military Technology, 11(1), 117-125.

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