F-35 - win or loss for the USA and their partners?


  • Tomáš Schóber Slovak Air Force HQJ. Zvolen, Slovak Republic
  • Pavel Puliš Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Aeronautics, Košice, Slovak Republic


F-35, Aircraft, Development, Design, Procurement, Capability


Joint Strike Fighter evolved into the world's largest and most expensive weapons program. The information flow from the media is keeping us informed about the achievements and mishaps of the program almost on week basis. The aim of this paper is, according to numerous articles and official reports, to evaluate and analyse current status of the program from the developmental and financial point of view, and to outline future trends, possible limitations and hidden risks for the projected customers. This article also compares the cost growth, factors contributing to cost growth, and operational and strategic risk of past joint and single-service programs.

Author Biography

  • Pavel Puliš, Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Aeronautics, Košice, Slovak Republic

    Department of Air Transport Management


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