Critical Flight Conditions at High Angles of Attack, Related to Loss of Control in Lateral Motion


  • V. I. Akhrameev JSC Techaviacomplex, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation
  • A. A. Glazkov JSC Techaviacomplex, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation
  • V. M. Shibaev Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation
  • D. V. Shoulepov Flight Research Center, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation


Airplane dynamics, high angles of attack, airplane loss-of-control, critical flight modes, stall and spin immunity, warning system, airplane control automation


The paper deals with developing algorithms for stall diagnostics and airplane protection from inadvertently encountering post stall gyration and entering spin modes. It summarizes the results of the linear theory of stall developing as theoretical foundation of nonlinear approach for diagnostics of flight conditions relating to the loss of aircraft control which is understood as a moment when the angular rates exceed some critical (threshold) values, which in general depend on the angle of attack and airspeed and they
correspond to control surfaces deflection.


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