Selected Elements Influencing Pilot Situational Awareness


  • Jarosław Robert Kozuba Faculty of National Safety and Logistic, Polish Air Force Academy, Dęblin, Poland
  • Jan Pila Faculty of Aviation, Technical University, Kosice, Slovakia


Decision-making process, SA, human factor, aviation safety


The article discusses the influence of pilot knowledge, skills, experience, technical factor and environmental factor on the pilot ability to build a proper Situational Awareness (SA) state during an aviation operational activity. Moreover it was defined the decision making process and SA process, their dependence from the perspective of some aspects of abilities presented by pilot as well. Author’s conclusions are based mainly on his own research supported by results of research available in the specialist literature.


Author Biography

  • Jarosław Robert Kozuba, Faculty of National Safety and Logistic, Polish Air Force Academy, Dęblin, Poland

    National Safety and Logistic Department -  Col (R), Associated Professor


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Selected Elements Influencing Pilot Situational Awareness. (2016). Advances in Military Technology, 10(2), 45-55.

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