Improved Production Sequence for a Ballistic Test Barrel


  • Vít Nezval Prototypa-ZM, Inc., Brno, Czech Republic
  • Stanislav Procházka University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Emil Svoboda University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic



accuracy, ballistic test barrel, cold forging, hammering, steel 1.7765


Based on experimental verification, technology consisting of copper plating blank bores before the barrels are forged is implemented in the manufacturing process of ballistic test barrels. This technology helps to optimize the process of plastic deformation during the forging process. A barrel hammered using this technology has better roughness parameters in the rifling, which is reflected in shooting tests by improved bullet accuracy. Comparative tests revealed that barrels forged using this technology can successfully compete with button rifled barrels in terms of target shooting accuracy.


Author Biography

  • Vít Nezval, Prototypa-ZM, Inc., Brno, Czech Republic

    Ing.Vít Nezval je 25 let zaměstnancem firmy Prototypa-ZM,s.r.o. se sídlem Hudcova 533/78c, 61200 Brno. Jako samostatný vývojově - technický pracovník vykonává funkci vedoucího oddělení munice a balistiky. Podílel se na řadě vývojově výzkumných projektů.


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Improved Production Sequence for a Ballistic Test Barrel. (2019). Advances in Military Technology, 14(2), 321-330.

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