Deciding DUT Proper Functionality in Non-Metrological Measurements


  • Zbyněk Růžička Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic



RTD’s class of accuracy, expanded uncertainty, tolerance,, standard uncertainty, dynamic error, scoverage probability, coverage factor


Establishing the criterion for whether a device under test (DUT) operates correctly or not is a complex issue. For devices used in a military setting, it is essential to know if the equipment will perform accurately under adverse conditions. In this paper, the example of testing resistive temperature sensors demonstrates how to manage the evaluation of errors expressed as uncertainties and tolerances. These sensors’ errors are used to address the total standard uncertainty, to determine the effective degree of freedom and to determine the coverage probability for deriving the coverage factor to establish the Student’s quantile as the specific criteria relating to the DUT results.

Author Biography

  • Zbyněk Růžička, Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic

    Department of Electrotechnics


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Deciding DUT Proper Functionality in Non-Metrological Measurements. (2018). Advances in Military Technology, 13(1), 5-12.

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