Increasing Survivability of the Battalion Command Post against Artillery Fire Using Antenna Extension


  • Ota Rolenec University of Defence
  • Jaroslav Záleský University of Defence
  • Karel Šilinger Cyber Forces Command
  • Lucie Hampelová University of Defence



artillery fire, command post, deception, survivability


The command post is a key element of the troop assembly that must be concealed and protected from the enemy. This paper examines the possible increase in survivability of a battalion command post from the effects of enemy artillery fire by deception prior to electronic signature detection by extending the antenna of radio communication assets. Using modelling, the areas of possible command post locations, the exact command post positions and the areas of artillery fire were marked in a geoprocessing tool. Statistical methods were then used to evaluate the success rate of command post destruction. Since there are no documents available that address this issue, the results of this research will allow an assessment of the effectiveness of this measure.


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Increasing Survivability of the Battalion Command Post against Artillery Fire Using Antenna Extension. (2023). Advances in Military Technology, 18(1), 67-77.

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