Detection of Unobserved Ground Targets by Use of Seismic Location Stations


  • Elshan Giyas Hashimov War College of Armed Forces, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
  • Azad Agalar Bayramov War College of Armed Forces, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
  • Elkhan Nariman Sabziev War College of Armed Forces, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic



bearing angle, computational algorithm, seismic location cells, seismic‐acoustic signal, unobserved target


The detection method of moving unobserved ground military heavy trucks is considered in paper. The 3D coordinates detection set and the seismic location method are used in our study. The computational algorithm of determination of the bearing angle and distance to unobserved ground target are presented, the computational uncertainties are estimated. The triangular form of 3D detectors in one seismic location cell is offered. It allows minimizing distance and angle uncertainties in target direction. To improve the detection effectiveness, the optimal geometry disposition of 3D detectors in seismic location cells is determined. The offered method is effective in case of terrain relief where seismic-acoustic signal is propagated by approximately straight line. Therefore, this method can be applied only to homogenous medium, for example, to mountainous, solid rocky soil.

Author Biographies

  • Elshan Giyas Hashimov, War College of Armed Forces, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

    Chief of Adjunctor and Sciences department, colonel

  • Azad Agalar Bayramov, War College of Armed Forces, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

    Professor of Adjunctor and Sciences department


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